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This years hospice news is in and it is full of exciting developments so here goes …

The “ChildLife Intervention” program

This fantastic new project developed by the hospice between January and August this year to provide psychosocial support for children in their care.  So far forty-one children have benefitted from the program including those recently diagnosed with chronic illness and their siblings along with children recently bereaved.  All of these children received visits from psychologists, social assistants and specially trained volunteers to support them in their time of grief and adjustment.  Many of the children also attended the bimonthly art therapy club and enjoyed a surprise visit from Her Excellency Mrs Thenjiwe Ethel Mtintso, ambassador of South Africa to Bucharest.  It is hard to comprehend effect of grief and chronic illness in the lives of these children and we are so grateful for the work of this project in supporting them in this time so we want to say a massive thank you to all who made this possible with their time, expertise, prayers and financial support.

Working with the National Association of Palliative Care (ANIP)

This year Marinela Murg has represented the hospice with the ANIP helping to develop an tool for evaluating palliative care services that can later be used on a national level.  Three members of the hospice team took part in the ANIP conference for World Hospice and Palliative care day.  Florentina Curpas , the hospice medical services coordinator, was one of the Scientific Committee’s members, Daria Barna, a psychologist with the Hospice, led a workshop of “support for palliative care professionals”, and Marinela took part in a debate “When is the palliative care completed?”.

Developing volunteer programs in palliative care

This year Emanuel Hospice have partnered with the Lumina Association to aid House of Hope Hospice Foundation to create and trial a training program for volunteers in palliative care.  All brochures and manuals for the course have been created and 41 trainees have taken part in the training so far. Since October Miriam has taken on the role of reorganising and developing the hospice volunteer services.

Voice for Hospice 2015 Concert

On November 7th, the charity concert “Voices for Hospice” 2015, was held at the Emanuel University Chapel, raise awareness in Oradea of the needs of patients with incurable diseases and offer participants the opportunity to “buy” symbolically bricks for the construction of palliative care center. Now in its 8th edition in Oradea, the concert was supported by the orchestra and Bucharest Gospel choir directed by Emanuel Bălăceanu and it had as special guests tenor Ruben Muresan, Kenneth Tucker (piano), Zsolt Garai (organ) and Ionut Bondea (trumpet). To the Choir and Orchestra of Bucharest were added students from the Emanuel University‟s Department of Music Pedagogy and instrumentalists from Oradea State Philharmonic. Emanuel Hospice and ourselves want to thank everyone who made this such a great event and all those who contributed to the  710 bricks what were sold (worth 17.770 LEI).

Building the Hospice centre brick by brick!

In July, after the Repcon S.A. company had to withdraw from the building project, the hospice team signed a contract with SC Abed Nego S.A. for the construction of the building’s basement. So far the building project has received some amazing support. Our partners in this daring project until now are: City Hall of Oradea and Oradea City Council that offered us the land for the construction (5000 m2) and approved the exemption of taxes for obtaining permits and authorizations; S.C. Repcon S.A. executed pro bono the construction of the foundation and the structure of resistance of the center; a group of architects, engineers and technicians conducted for free the project and the documentation required for obtaining the building permit and assumed voluntary the involvement in project execution; S.C. Holcim Romania S.A. sponsored the construction with the amount of 480 tons cement; companies, organizations, churches and individuals from Romania and abroad, responded to the “Buy a brick” campaign, helping us to gather 210,000 pounds.

However still more “bricks” are needed to complete this project, the total value of the construction and operation of hospice centre for a period of 12 months, being estimated at just over 3 million pounds.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank to all partners who have supported this project so far. At the same time we invite all those who want to contribute with bricks, equipment, donations, sponsorship money or construction materials to achieve the hospice centre to contact us.  The Hospice need our support to continue next year’s construction work. Together, we are rising Oradea’s hospice centre construction brick by brick! Together, we can make a difference in the care of patients with terminal illnesses in our community, providing them with the best quality of life, comfort and dignity to the last moment of life. Thank you.

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