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Building Project Update

Posted by: on Oct 28, 2015 | No Comments

In 2012 the construction company Repcon generously pledged to do the initial build for the exciting inpatient unit and daycentre project.  However, due to financial constraints, they are no longer able to honour this pledge. While this is very disappointing, it has meant that Marinela was in a position to look for another construction company to take the project forward.

On a recent visit by Kirsteen, our chair of trustees, it was amazing to see how much the new company has managed to do in a very short time. Whilst in Oradea she saw progress on a day to day basis, and it was really encouraging to see walls appear giving three dimensional shape to the basement of the building.

This rapid progress in the building project is exciting but this change is also very daunting, as it now means we have to once again fundraise the ‘whole’ construction cost, not just the ‘finishing’.

The demand for the hospice service is relentless and is far greater than their current capacity, making the need for the in-patient unit all the more pressing.  The team has the vision, but now it needs the provision to complete what it has begun.  Please consider how you could help to fulfil this urgent need.

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